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New microchip card for US purchases in Europe

(AP) -- If you've traveled to Europe recently, you may have had the frustrating experience of being unable to use a U.S.-issued credit card for automated transactions, like renting a bike from a stand on ...

Dec 10, 2010
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Chip-in-a-pill may be approved in 2012

( -- Giant Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis AG, based in Basel, is developing a pill containing an embedded microchip, which it hopes to submit for regulatory approval in Europe within 18 ...

Nov 10, 2010 report
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Efficient computer network on a chip

Satellite TV without having to set up a receiver dish. Digital radio on your mobile phone without your batteries quickly running flat. The advanced calculations needed for these future applications are made possible by a ...

Oct 19, 2010
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Looking for loopholes in microchip security

( -- When it comes to making sure our information is secure, sometimes researchers have to think like hackers. This is true of Avishai Wool, a professor at Tel Aviv University. Along with Ph.D. ...

Sep 20, 2010 weblog
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Nano research creates new products to market

Two new Arkansas start up companies have announced exclusive license agreements with UALR to bring to market patent-pending technology developed by the University’s Nanotechnology Center Research to provide anti-counterfeiting ...

Sep 15, 2010
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