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Fast-tracking medical device development

A portable ultrasound scanner is a marvelous device for medical diagnostic imaging—safe, painless, relatively inexpensive, and available instantly in a medical office or at a patient's bedside. But current scanners don't ...

dateApr 14, 2016 in Engineering
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Apple announces advancements to ResearchKit

Apple today announced advancements to the open source ResearchKit framework that bring genetic data and a series of medical tests typically conducted in an exam room to iPhone apps. Medical researchers are adopting these ...

dateMar 22, 2016 in Software
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Making mobile health effective and secure

With Internet-connected medical technology and digitized health records on the rise, cybersecurity is a growing concern for patients and hospitals alike. One research team is taking a holistic approach to strengthening the ...

dateDec 18, 2015 in Software
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