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Researchers make DNA storage a reality

Researchers at the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) have created a way to store data in the form of DNA – a material that lasts for tens of thousands of years. The new method, published today in the journal ...

dateJan 23, 2013 in Biotechnology
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NASA shuts down its last mainframe computer

NASA has just powered down its last mainframe computer. Umm, everyone remembers what a mainframe computer is, right? Well, you certainly must recall working with punched cards, paper tape, and/or magnetic tape, correct? That ...

dateFeb 15, 2012 in Space Exploration
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Racetrack memory

Imagine a computer equipped with shock-proof memory that's 100,000 times faster and consumes less power than current hard disks. EPFL Professor Mathias Klaui is working on a new kind of "racetrack" memory, a high-volume, ...

dateNov 15, 2010 in General Physics
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