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Superconductors face the future

Futuristic ideas for the use of superconductors, materials that allow electric current to flow without resistance, are myriad: long-distance, low-voltage electric grids with no transmission loss; fast, magnetically ...

dateSep 10, 2010 in Superconductivity
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MIT tests unique approach to fusion power

An MIT and Columbia University team has successfully tested a novel reactor that could chart a new path toward nuclear fusion, which could become a safe, reliable and nearly limitless source of energy.

dateMar 28, 2008 in General Physics
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MIT, Columbia begin new energy experiment

Half-ton levitating ring is key to work MIT and Columbia University students and researchers have begun operation of a novel experiment that confines high-temperature ionized gas, called plasma, using the strong magnetic fields f ...

dateDec 06, 2004 in
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