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Saturn's rings in a supercomputer

Why do some planets, like Saturn or Jupiter, have rings, while others, like Earth or Mars, do not? It turns out that "size does not matter"—gas giants like Saturn are not the only bodies that can possess rings; even tiny ...

dateAug 07, 2015 in Space Exploration
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Transport sector joins fight against wildlife crime

The global fight against wildlife crime received another major boost with the signing of a declaration at Buckingham Palace in London committing the leaders of the global transportation industry to take concrete steps to ...

dateMar 16, 2016 in Ecology
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What can a crime drama teach us about justice?

Law professor Jessica Silbey, a nationally recognized expert in the use of film to communicate about the law, will discuss the history of law in American film on Wednesday at a Law Library of Congress event. Here, she looks ...

dateJul 20, 2016 in Social Sciences
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