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Climate: What's to become of the Kyoto Protocol?

Whether to tweak, bolster or bury the Kyoto Protocol -- the only binding global agreement for curbing greenhouse gases -- has become a red-hot issue as UN negotiators in Bangkok try to lay the groundwork for ...

Oct 07, 2009
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UN meeting: help nations adapt to global warming

(AP) -- As nations negotiate tough decisions on cutting greenhouse gases, the United Nations is holding a separate conference on coping with more floods, droughts and other effects of climate change already ...

Aug 30, 2009
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Coral Triangle could die by century's end: WWF

Coral reefs could disappear entirely from the Coral Triangle region of the Pacific Ocean by the end of the century, threatening the food supply and livelihoods for about 100 million people, according to a ...

May 13, 2009
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