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Diller bearish on future of

IAC chief executive Barry Diller said Wednesday he does not expect, the Internet search engine bought for 1.85 billion dollars five years ago, to ever be more than a "niche" service.

dateSep 29, 2010 in Internet
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Google defends shrinking China market share

(AP) -- Google is hiring dozens of marketing and technical employees in China to defend a shrinking market share against local rivals after closing its Chinese search engine six months ago this Wednesday ...

dateSep 20, 2010 in Internet
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Google loosens Europe ad trademark controls

Google shook up its lucrative online advertising service in Europe on Wednesday, saying it would allow sellers to register other companies' brand names as search "keywords" when shopping on the Internet.

dateAug 04, 2010 in Internet
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Journalists in China say Yahoo accounts hacked

(AP) -- Yahoo e-mail accounts belonging to foreign journalists appeared to have been hacked and Google's Chinese search engine was intermittently blocked because of an internal change Tuesday, the latest troubles in China's ...

dateMar 30, 2010 in Internet
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How fake sites trick search engines to hit the top

(AP) -- Even search engines can get suckered by Internet scams. With a little sleight of hand, con artists can dupe them into giving top billing to fraudulent Web sites that prey on consumers, making unwitting ...

dateDec 08, 2009 in Internet
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