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Identifying illegal websites in photos

European computer scientists have developed a way to "read" web addresses in images that could improve filters for blocking pornographic, gambling and other sites. They provide details in the new issue of the International ...

date3 hours ago in Computer Sciences
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The science and fiction behind Blade Runner

Science โ€“ or strange permutations of it at least โ€“ is everywhere in the cinema. At any one time on movie screens around the world, humans are being threatened by lethal viruses, cured from terminal illness by miracle ...

dateAug 31, 2015 in Other
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Interstellar seeds could create oases of life

We only have one example of a planet with life: Earth. But within the next generation, it should become possible to detect signs of life on planets orbiting distant stars. If we find alien life, new questions will arise. ...

dateAug 27, 2015 in Astronomy
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Cornell joins pleas for responsible AI research

The phrase "artificial intelligence" saturates Hollywood dramas โ€“ from computers taking over spaceships, to sentient robots overpowering humans. Though the real world is perhaps more boring than Hollywood, artificial intelligence ...

dateAug 27, 2015 in Computer Sciences
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