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Cosmonaut: Russia needs space innovation now

(AP) -- Russia risks losing its edge in space by relying exclusively on Soviet-era achievements and doing little to design new spacecraft, a Russian cosmonaut warned Monday as the nation marked the 50th anniversary of the ...

dateApr 11, 2011 in Space Exploration
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A greenhouse in space

( -- It's small, but it's a greenhouse for space voyagers – and for you. Paolo Nespoli will take a special greenhouse with him to the International Space Station and he’s inviting young science enthusiasts ...

dateNov 10, 2010 in Space Exploration
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First moon lander next step for ESA

Mission description: land autonomously with pinpoint precision near the Moon's south pole, a region full of dangerous boulders and high ridges. The aim of ESA's proposed precursor is to probe the moonscape's unknowns and ...

dateSep 16, 2010 in Space Exploration
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NASA chief defends Obama's space plan

In a lecture on Monday at MIT, NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden Jr. defended President Barack Obama’s controversial plans for the U.S. space agency’s future and touted the president’s plan to invest billions of ...

dateMay 12, 2010 in Space Exploration
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