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Scaling the wall of deafness

Despite modern medicine, one in 1,000 American babies are born deaf. The numbers increase markedly with age, with more than 50% of seniors in the United States experiencing some form of hearing loss.

dateApr 14, 2009 in Medical research
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New insights into progressive hearing loss

In parallel studies in human and mouse, two groups of researchers have come to the same conclusion: that a new kind of gene is associated with progressive hearing loss. The new gene - called a microRNA - is a tiny fragment ...

dateApr 12, 2009 in Genetics
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Cochlear Implants Offer Kids A Gift Beyond Hearing

( -- For years, hearing scientists have known that cochlear implants improve the communication of children who receive them. What they didn’t know was whether the children and their parents perceived an improvement ...

dateFeb 18, 2009 in Health
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