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Feedback loop maintains basal cell population

Notch โ€“ the protein that can help determine cell fate โ€“ maintains a stable population of basal cells in the prostate through a positive feedback loop system with another key protein โ€“ TGF beta (transforming growth factor ...

dateNov 01, 2012 in Cell & Microbiology
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Nanoparticles may enhance cancer therapy

A mixture of current drugs and carbon nanoparticles shows potential to enhance treatment for head-and-neck cancers, especially when combined with radiation therapy, according to new research by Rice University and the University ...

dateFeb 16, 2012 in Bio & Medicine
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Improving crops from the roots up

Research involving scientists at The University of Nottingham has taken us a step closer to breeding hardier crops that can better adapt to different environmental conditions and fight off attack from parasites.

dateJan 24, 2012 in Biotechnology
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