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Google removes Afghan Taliban smartphone app

Google has removed a Taliban smartphone app from its online store, the US Internet giant said Monday, countering the tech-savvy Afghan militant group's increasing efforts to boost global visibility.

dateApr 04, 2016 in Software
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What's holding black entrepreneurs back?

It's not laziness or lack of initiative that's keeping African-Americans from starting their own businesses, but instead a centuries-old racial disadvantage that's not experienced by other minority groups, a Michigan State ...

dateMar 31, 2016 in Economics & Business
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Why being bold all comes down to evolution

Chevalier Blondin was 35 years old when in 1859, with no safety harness and no net beneath him, he first tightrope-walked nearly half a kilometre across the Niagara Gorge. At different times over the coming years, he would ...

dateMar 30, 2016 in Evolution
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New study to investigate impact of lobbying

Academics at the University of Exeter will investigate how policy is influenced by lobbying in the UK, the USA, the Netherlands and Germany to see which kinds of groups may have unfair access because of their funding, status ...

dateMar 30, 2016 in Social Sciences
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Predators drive social complexity

Variation in social organization and behavior of highly social animals like cichlids is primarily explained by predation risk and related ecological factors. This stresses the significance of predation for social evolution.

dateMar 29, 2016 in Plants & Animals
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