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Table grapes' new ally: Muscodor albus

Small but mighty, a beneficial microbe called Muscodor albus may help protect fresh grapes from troublesome gray mold. Experiments conducted over the past several years by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) plant pathol ...

dateApr 16, 2010 in Biotechnology
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Custom glass bending

The possible applications for curved glass panels are many and varied – ranging from facades to designer furniture. Researchers have now developed a process which enables the panels to be shaped six times ...

dateNov 03, 2011 in Engineering
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Advance in the battle against 'gray mold'

Scientists are reporting identification of the cluster of genes responsible for the toxins produced by "gray mold," a devastating plant disease that kills almost 200 different food and ornamental plants including ...

dateDec 15, 2008 in
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Brown chemist finds gray mold's killer gene

Gray mold is a gardener's nightmare. The fungus, also known by its scientific name Botrytis cinerea, is a scourge to more than 200 agricultural and ornamental plant species, including staples such as tomato ...

dateDec 01, 2008 in
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Probing Question: What is colorblindness?

Midnight Blue, Burnt Orange, Aquamarine. Since 1903, Crayola crayons -- with their fanciful names and hundreds of hues -- have introduced generations of American children to the nuanced beauty of the color spectrum. Imagine ...

dateJan 31, 2008 in Health
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