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10% more GM crops in the world in 2010: study

The amount of the world's farmland given over to genetically modified (GM) crops grew 10% last year, with the United States remaining the biggest zone for the altered produce, according to a study released ...

dateFeb 22, 2011 in Biotechnology
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Arctic home to mysterious mercury deposits

More mercury is deposited in the Arctic than anywhere else on the planet. Norwegian NTNU researchers think one explanation for this may lie in the meteorological conditions in the Arctic spring and summer.

dateFeb 01, 2011 in Earth Sciences
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Microbes on the menu

The functioning of marine ecosystems depends on the size and flavor of microbes at the base of the food chain. Changes to the Earth's atmosphere might rearrange that microscopic menu. Microbes that currently ...

dateJul 28, 2010 in Cell & Microbiology
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