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Engineering shorter wait times in the ER

Emergency room waiting times could be cut by over one third and patients' length of stay by almost two-thirds, thanks to a new approach to the triage process of sorting patients for further assessment and treatment, according ...

dateAug 24, 2010 in Other
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Headed to ER? Some post waits by text, billboard

(AP) -- Need an X-ray or stitches? Online, via text message or flashing on a billboard, some emergency rooms are advertising how long the dreaded wait for care will be, with estimates updated every few minutes.

dateAug 23, 2010 in Other
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Hands-only CPR, pushy dispatchers are lifesavers

(AP) -- More bystanders are willing to attempt CPR if an emergency dispatcher gives them firm and direct instructions - especially if they can just press on the chest and skip the mouth-to-mouth, according to new research.

dateJul 29, 2010 in Health
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