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Quantum move toward next generation computing

Physicists at McGill University have developed a system for measuring the energy involved in adding electrons to semi-conductor nanocrystals, also known as quantum dots - a technology that may revolutionize computing and ...

dateMay 11, 2010 in Quantum Physics
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Graphene: What projections and humps can be good for

At present, graphene probably is the most investigated new material system worldwide. Due to its astonishing mechanical, chemical and electronic properties, it promises manifold future applications - for example in microelectronics. ...

dateApr 19, 2010 in Nanophysics
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Safer swiping while voting and globetrotting

Since 2007, every new U.S. passport has been outfitted with a computer chip. Embedded in the back cover of the passport, the "e-passport" contains biometric data, electronic fingerprints and pictures of the holder, and a ...

dateApr 15, 2010 in Engineering
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