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Scatological clues lead to an intimate view

The guys were all stressed out. There were new infants in the community, and the guys knew from experience that that's when invaders were likely to come and kill the babies, particularly the male infants. ...

Mar 04, 2009
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Like humans, monkey see, monkey plan, monkey do

How many times a day do you grab objects such as a pencil or a cup? We perform these tasks without thinking, however the motor planning necessary to grasp an object is quite complex. The way human adults grasp ...

Dec 06, 2007
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Primates expect others to act rationally

When trying to understand someone's intentions, non-human primates expect others to act rationally by performing the most appropriate action allowed by the environment, according to a new study by researchers at Harvard University.

Sep 06, 2007
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Monkeys draw novel conclusions, researchers say

Monkeys keep turning out to be smarter than people think they are. Researchers have shown that they can count to four and are aware of differences between languages like Dutch and Japanese, even though they ...

May 04, 2006
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