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African swine fever threatens Europe

African swine fever, or ASF, is a viral disease that kills almost every pig it infects and is likened to Ebola. It gained a foothold in Georgia in 2007, when contaminated pig meat landed from a ship from ...

dateDec 17, 2014 in Plants & Animals
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Researchers grow norovirus in human cells

University of Florida researchers have grown a human norovirus in a cell culture dish, finally opening the door to developing medications for fighting the intestinal scourge that strikes tens of millions ...

dateNov 07, 2014 in Cell & Microbiology
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The bicoloured shrew is a health risk for horses

The bicoloured shrew is a protected species in Central Europe, but these furry insect-eaters have a dark secret. Researchers from the Vetmeduni Vienna have discovered that bicoloured shrews carry the Borna virus. Infection ...

dateApr 11, 2014 in Plants & Animals
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Guarding the country against foreign animal diseases

A deadly animal virus is on the loose, treading through Russia and knocking on the doors of Eastern Europe and Asia. After its introduction into the Republic of Georgia and the Caucasus region in 2007 and ...

dateOct 25, 2013 in Other
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