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Sub-Antarctic fur seal found in unexpected waters

The discovery of a sub-Antarctic fur seal on the northern coast of Kenya โ€“ 210 km outside the species' normal range โ€“ has caused great excitement among conservationists and community members alike.

dateJul 27, 2015 in Ecology
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Love, marriage and town-gown relationships

A new study assesses a town-gown relationship as if it were a marriage: asking community members just how much comfort they felt with people from the campus community and how much effort they put into getting along.

dateJan 14, 2015 in Social Sciences
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Ravens understand the relations among others

Like many social mammals, ravens form different types of social relationships โ€“ they may be friends, kin, or partners and they also form strict dominance relations. From a cognitive perspective, understanding one's own ...

dateApr 23, 2014 in Plants & Animals
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