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EBay makes a big play for fashion

(AP) -- EBay Inc. may be the biggest online clothing seller, but it's still known for selling other people's castoffs. Now it wants shoppers to think of it when looking for trendy duds like hipster jeans ...

Apr 02, 2010
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Bosses who feel inadequate can turn into bullies

( -- Bosses who are in over their heads are more likely to bully subordinates. That's because feelings of inadequacy trigger them to lash out at those around them, according to new research from UC Berkeley and ...

Oct 13, 2009
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How to be a good boss in a bad economy

( -- When cutbacks are necessary, can a good boss do right by the company's finances and by its staff? Some pain is probably unavoidable, but Stanford management science and engineering Professor Bob Sutton says ...

Jun 02, 2009
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