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Blinkx to lead in video search engine

When it comes to video searching on the Net, blinkx is big. Deeming itself the smartest and largest video search engine on the Web, delivers 4 million hours of searchable content -- audio, video, and TV via RSS ...

dateJul 06, 2006 in Internet
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The Web: Niche search tools proliferating

You're exceptionally bored at work and want to search the Internet for tonight's TV listings to see when the reruns of "Law & Order" are on the Bravo cable network. Typing the name of the crime drama show into a conventional ...

dateJul 05, 2006 in Internet
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View from the Top: 'Category Killers'

If you were looking for the GDP of Bhutan, where would you find it? Odds are you would turn to a search engine such as Google or Yahoo! (Google says the answer is $2.9 billion, in case you were curious). At work and at home, ...

dateAug 04, 2005 in
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