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The lost kingdom of Tambora is found

History's largest volcanic eruption destroyed the island kingdom of Tambora in 1815 and now the first remnants of a Tambora village have been found.

Feb 28, 2006
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Three from MIT envision grow-your-own home

In the future, homeowners may grow their houses instead of building them. That's the vision of MIT architect Mitchell Joachim of the Media Lab's Smart Cities group.

Aug 01, 2006
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Titanic sunk faster than thought

After visiting the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in August 2005, scientists have discovered that Titanic took just five minutes to sink – much faster than previously thought.

Dec 12, 2005
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Turin Shroud confirmed as a fake

by Richard Ingham

PARIS, June 21 (AFP) - A French magazine said on Tuesday it had carried out experiments that proved the Shroud of Turin, believed by some Christians to be their religion's holiest relic, was a fake.

Jun 21, 2005
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Researchers find pre-Clovis human DNA

DNA from dried human excrement recovered from Oregon's Paisley Caves is the oldest found yet in the New World -- dating to 14,300 years ago, some 1,200 years before Clovis culture -- and provides apparent ...

Apr 03, 2008
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Are civil unions a 600-year-old tradition?

A compelling new study from the September issue of the Journal of Modern History reviews historical evidence, including documents and gravesites, suggesting that homosexual civil unions may have existed six centuries ago in ...

Aug 23, 2007
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