New Toys Read Brain Waves

April 30, 2007 By RACHEL KONRAD, AP Technology Writer in Technology / Consumer & Gadgets
New Toys Read Brain Waves (AP)
NeuroSky worker Cynthia Lee wears one of their head sets at NeuroSky headquarters in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday, March 27, 2007. The startup company aims to add more realistic elements to video games by using brain wave-reading technology to help game developers make gaming more realistic. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

(AP) -- A convincing twin of Darth Vader stalks the beige cubicles of a Silicon Valley office, complete with ominous black mask, cape and light saber. But this is no chintzy Halloween costume. It's a prototype, years in the making, of a toy that incorporates brain wave-reading technology.

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"New Toys Read Brain Waves" April 30, 2007