Schools Banning iPods to Beat Cheaters

April 27, 2007 By REBECCA BOONE, Associated Press Writer in Technology / Consumer & Gadgets
Schools Banning iPods to Beat Cheaters (AP)
Nick d'Ambrosia, 17, holds up his iPod inside a classroom at Mountain View High School in Meridian, Idaho Friday, April 13, 2007. In Idaho, Mountain View High School recently enacted a ban on iPods, Zunes and other digital media players. Some students were downloading formulas and other cheats onto the players, although none were ever caught. (AP Photo/Troy Maben)

(AP) -- Banning baseball caps during tests was obvious - students were writing the answers under the brim. Then, schools started banning cell phones, realizing students could text message the answers to each other. Now, schools across the country are targeting digital media players as a potential cheating device.

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"Schools Banning iPods to Beat Cheaters" April 27, 2007