Armadillos Marching North to Illinois

December 25, 2006 in /
Armadillos Marching North to Illinois (AP)
An armadillo is photographed looking for food at the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Florida on April 15, 2003. Illinois officials report that armadillos have been killed on the road just about every year since 2003, reflecting what wildlife specialists say is ample evidence that the creatures with the pencil-thin tail are nudging their way northward from their southern U.S. climes. (AP Photo/Illinois Natural History Survey Mammal Collection, Michael Jeffords)

(AP) -- For years, Lloyd Nelson laughed off as myth reports that armadillos - those armored, football-sized critters with the big claws and bigger nose - had waddled their way into southern Illinois, the same place folks say they've seen cougars.

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"Armadillos Marching North to Illinois" December 25, 2006