Volkswagen will debut XL1 hybrid at March auto show

February 24, 2013 by Nancy Owano in Technology / Energy & Green Tech

(—Volkswagen will debut its XL1 two-seater, plug-in hybrid at the Geneva Auto Show in March. Publicity and blog previews are pointing to the car's considerable design and technical features. The company views its XL1 as a significant standout. Volkswagen is emphasizing that the car represents a first in fuel economy. The car's 261 miles per gallon combined fuel consumption is touted as a real achievement.

Volkswagen said the XL1 will be the most fuel-efficient production vehicle in the world. The sets a record, as the 261 mpg figure has not been achieved by any other vehicle to date, according to the company. According to the company, the XL1 emits 21 g/km of CO2; the two-seat vehicle can cover up to 32 miles as a "zero-emissions vehicle" in an all-electric mode.

Measurements for the XL1 are 153.1 inches long, 65.6 in wide, and 45.4 high. The XL1's total weight is 1,753 pounds, and several auto sites consider this figure impressive given the added weight of a and electric motor. The car has a futurist design; features include enclosed rear wheels, butterfly doors, and camera-based rearview mirrors integrated into the door panels.

Volkswagen used special for the vehicle's construction, producing parts of the XL1 in light but strong reinforced polymer (CFRP). Power for the XL1 is provided by a system with details as follows: A two-cylinder TDI engine (35 kW / 48 PS), E-motor (20 kW / 27 PS), 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) and lithium-ion battery, The car has a top speed of 99 mph.

There is no official word on pricing; analysts' estimates run from 30,000 to 50,000 euros. As for production plans, Volkswagen intends to carry out a small production series; the XL1 is to be produced at the company's Osnabrück plant in Germany. The process for the XL1 is described as "automotive handcrafting,"

In announcing the XL1, Volkswagen said that "When the new millennium was ushered in, Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Piëch, who is today Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG, formulated the visionary goal of bringing to market a production car that was practical in everyday use with of one liter per 100 km. In the two-seat XL1, this vision has become reality."

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"Volkswagen will debut XL1 hybrid at March auto show" February 24, 2013