Scientists: Salt in Mars soil not bad for life (Update)

August 5, 2008 in Astronomy & Space / Space Exploration
This image provided by NASA shows a scraped area known as "Snow White," on July 8, 2008 on Mars. Scientists operating the Phoenix spacecraft say the Martian soil near the north pole landing site is similar to what can be found in Chile's Atacama Desert on Earth. The lander recently detected rocket fuel ingredient in sample of soil taken from the surface. Scientists say the chemical _ perchlorate -- is found in the Chilean desert where extreme microbes thrive, according to a report Tuesday Aug. 5, 2008.(AP Photo/NASA)

(AP) -- Traces of a rocket fuel ingredient found in the Martian soil would not necessarily hinder potential life, mission scientists said Tuesday.

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"Scientists: Salt in Mars soil not bad for life (Update)" August 5, 2008