Penguins wash up closer to equator in Brazil

July 30, 2008 By MICHAEL ASTOR , Associated Press Writer in /
Penguins wash up closer to equator in Brazil (AP)
Francisco de Assis holds up a penguin at the Porto da Lenha beach in Salvador, northeastern Brazil, July 25, 2008. Brazilian wildlife authorities confirmed that about 300 penguins have been found dead or alive in recent days along the coast of Bahia state, better known for sunbathers in bikinis than for seabirds native to Antarctica and Patagonia. (AP Photo/Arestides Baptista, A Tarde via Agencia O Globo)

(AP) -- Penguins from frigid waters near the bottom of the world are washing up closer to the equator than ever before, Brazilian wildlife authorities said Wednesday.

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"Penguins wash up closer to equator in Brazil" July 30, 2008