Fuel Standards Will Force Lighter Autos

December 24, 2007 By DAN CATERINICCHIA, AP Business Writer in Technology / Energy & Green Tech
Fuel Standards Will Force Lighter Autos (AP)
A ladle skims slag off of iron before it is poured into the basic oxygen furnace to be converted to steel at the Mon Valley Works in Braddock, Pa., in this 2004 file photo. The new energy bill requires automakers to sharply boost the fuel economy of cars and trucks, and that means vehicles are sure to become lighter. It\'s good news for makers of aluminum and carbon fiber, analysts say, while the steel industry is likely to see its piece of the auto-industry pie diminish. (AP Photo/U.S. Steel Corp.)

(AP) -- The energy bill President Bush signed last week mandating tougher fuel-economy standards sent a simple message to automakers: lighten up.

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