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New, Unusual Semiconductor is a Switch-Hitter

( -- A research group in Germany has discovered a semiconducting material that can switch its semiconducting properties -- turning from one type of semiconductor to another -- via a simple change in temperature. ...

Jan 30, 2009 feature
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Could Graphene Replace Semiconductors?

( -- “People want a faster computer chip,” Philip Kim tells “And it needs to be smaller. But in order to increase the speed of the chip, or to get it smaller, we are approaching a point where ...

Sep 08, 2008 feature
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An Invisible Cloak for Magnetism

The subject of metamaterials is mad science at its finest – researchers trying to create materials with properties that don’t exist in nature, and that cannot be made with ordinary atoms.

Mar 31, 2008 feature
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Sticky Tape Inspired by Insect Feet

Scientists have designed an extremely sticky patterned adhesive, which is twice as sticky as flat tapes used for similar purposes. The new glue-free adhesive can also stick to dusty surfaces better, can be ...

Nov 05, 2007 feature
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