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Researchers Create Tiny, Self-Propelled Devices

North Carolina State University scientists have figured out a method to supply microscopic devices with enough energy to not only allow them to propel themselves through liquid – a difficult function in its own right – ...

Feb 12, 2007
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Metal Foam Has a Good Memory

In the world of commercial materials, lighter and cheaper is usually better, especially when those attributes are coupled with superior strength and special properties, such as a material's ability to remember ...

Dec 18, 2007
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Researchers develop 'MRI' for fuel cells

As gasoline prices top $3 a gallon in major cities, the drive toward increasing energy efficiency and reducing air pollution has accelerated, and the development of fuel cells has become a major focus worldwide.

Jun 16, 2006
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Team explains 'the wallpaper problem'

Frustrated by tape that won't peel off the roll in a straight line? Angry at wallpaper that refuses to tear neatly off the wall? A new study reveals why these efforts can be so aggravating. Wallpaper is not ...

Mar 30, 2008
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