University of Nottingham

Working through the menopause

Some women sail through it, others find it a challenge but few women like to talk openly about the menopause.

Oct 14, 2008
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Triple cocktail to tackle stroke risk

Scientists at The University of Nottingham are to investigate whether giving recovering stroke patients a triple cocktail of medicines could reduce their chances of a further attack.

Sep 17, 2008
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Scientists identify childhood brain cancer genes

Scientists at The University of Nottingham have isolated three important genes involved in the development of a type of childhood brain cancer. The breakthrough is revealed in a study published in the British Journal of Ca ...

Sep 15, 2008
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Servants and masters -- the Chatterley trial

It was one of the defining legal battles of the twentieth century. A courtroom drama which tackled issues of class, gender relations, sexuality, morality and censorship head on.

Sep 15, 2008
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Mobile phones help secondary pupils

Ask a teacher to name the most irritating invention of recent years and they will often nominate the mobile phone. Exasperated by the distractions and problems they create, many headteachers have ordered that pupils must ...

Sep 11, 2008
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A stronger future for the elderly

Experts at The University of Nottingham are to investigate the effect of nutrients on muscle maintenance in the hope of determining better ways of keeping up our strength as we get old.

Sep 11, 2008
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Improving understanding of cell behavior in breast cancer

The invasion and spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body, known as metastasis, is a principal cause of death in patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Although patients with early stage, small, breast tumours have ...

Jul 15, 2008
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Possible link found between X-rays and prostate cancer

Researchers at The University of Nottingham have shown an association between certain past diagnostic radiation procedures and an increased risk of young-onset prostate cancer — a rare form of prostate cancer which affects ...

Jul 15, 2008
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The emerging story of plant roots

An international group of European and US scientists led by the Centre for Plant Integrative Biology at The University of Nottingham have uncovered a fascinating new insight into the unseen side of plant biology — the root.

Jul 15, 2008
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