University of Nottingham

Nottingham technology gives Bond the edge

( -- Technology developed at The University of Nottingham will be giving James Bond the edge over his enemies when the latest high octane 007 adventure hits cinema screens later this week.

Oct 30, 2008
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Thoroughly moderate America

( -- The global credit crunch and Barack Obama's neutralisation of the 'religious right' in America are likely to sweep him to an historic victory in the US elections, according to an expert at The University ...

Oct 29, 2008
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Could brain abnormality predict drug addiction?

( -- Scientists at The University of Nottingham are to use MRI technology to discover whether abnormalities in the decision-making part of the brain could make some people more likely to become addicted to drugs.

Oct 22, 2008
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Being altruistic may make you attractive

( -- Displays of altruism or selflessness towards others can be sexually attractive in a mate. This is one of the findings of a study carried out by biologists and a psychologist at The University of Nottingham.

Oct 14, 2008
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Working through the menopause

Some women sail through it, others find it a challenge but few women like to talk openly about the menopause.

Oct 14, 2008
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Triple cocktail to tackle stroke risk

Scientists at The University of Nottingham are to investigate whether giving recovering stroke patients a triple cocktail of medicines could reduce their chances of a further attack.

Sep 17, 2008
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