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Spider love: Little guys get lots more

Big males outperform smaller ones in head-to-head mating contests but diminutive males make ten times better lovers because they're quicker to mature and faster on their feet, a new study of redback spiders reveals.

dateDec 08, 2008 in
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Mystery of missing hydrogen

Something vital is missing in the far distant reaches of the Universe: hydrogen - the raw material for stars, planets and possible life.

dateNov 24, 2008 in Astronomy
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Climate: New spin on ocean's role

New studies of the Southern Ocean are revealing previously unknown features of giant spinning eddies that have a profound influence on marine life and on the world's climate.

dateSep 09, 2008 in General Physics
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Climate change may boost Middle East rainfall

The prospect of climate change sparking food and water shortages in the Middle East is less likely than previously thought, with new research by an Australian climate scientist suggesting that rainfall will be significantly ...

dateAug 13, 2008 in Environment
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Great white's mighty bite revealed

The bite force of a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is the highest known for any living species, according to new research to be published in the Journal of Zoology. This is the first time that scientists have e ...

dateAug 04, 2008 in
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New therapy for HIV treatment

Millions of people world-wide who have contracted a highly resistant strain of the HIV virus could benefit from a new drug to treat the infection.

dateJul 29, 2008 in HIV & AIDS
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