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Gene sequencing at warp speed

( -- One million vocalists singing the same song will sound cacophonous to an audience member if the singers belt out the tune at different tempos.

dateMar 20, 2012 in Biotechnology
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Loss of rare species can harm ecosystems

( -- Here’s another reason to cheer for the little guy. A new study co-authored by Matthew Bracken, assistant professor of biology in Northeastern’s College of Science, has found that ...

dateMar 19, 2012 in Ecology
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Cells: The body's ultimate sports car

( -- Anand Asthagiri can think of several reasons why a scientist would want to get behind the wheel of a cell — which he calls the “ultimate driving machine.” Having the ability ...

dateMar 15, 2012 in Cell & Microbiology
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Reading more into open access

For many years, the traditional method to access researchers’ scholarly works, particularly in the sciences and social sciences, has been through paid subscriptions to journals. But in recent years, a ...

dateMar 08, 2012 in Other
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Building a better robot

Today’s robots can vacuum floors, build cars and even perform surgery. While not quite on the intelligence level of the Jetsons’ robot maid, Rosie, they are rather smart. Nonetheless, modern robots ...

dateMar 01, 2012 in Robotics
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'Leaping' into the realm of science

Yesterday was Feb. 29, the extra day we add to the calendar in leap years. But why do we need this extra day, and what is the science behind it? And what about the lesser-known leap second – which delegates ...

dateMar 01, 2012 in Earth Sciences
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A miniature device with a big impact

Ten milliliters of blood may not seem like a lot, and coming from healthy individuals it isn’t. But for critically ill patients with diminished resources, 10mL could be crucial. Nonetheless, that’s ...

dateFeb 27, 2012 in Analytical Chemistry
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3Qs: Figuring out Facebook's financials

Following much anticipation, Facebook filed for an initial public offering (IPO) after U.S. markets closed on Wednesday. Reports have speculated that the social media giant’s offering — pending approval ...

dateFeb 06, 2012 in Business
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Nurturing a seed of discovery

( -- Network scientists at Northeastern University have collaborated with an interdisciplinary team of colleagues in cell biology and interactive data acquisition to create the first large-scale map of a plant’s ...

dateAug 09, 2011 in Biotechnology
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Roving robot to the rescue

( -- Northeastern University student-researchers have created a roving robot named WiLU that may be able to locate and rescue victims of natural disasters or participate in military missions that ...

dateJul 07, 2011 in Engineering
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