Newcastle University

Scientists unwrap the elements of life

Researchers at Newcastle University have taken a step forward in our understanding of how the fundamental building blocks of life are put together.

Oct 22, 2008
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World's water ecosystems under threat

( -- Human activities such as fishing and water use are over-riding the effects of global warming on the ecosystems that support the world’s water and fish supplies, experts have revealed.

Sep 11, 2008
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Flexible approach works best for public transport

( -- Urban transport options need to steer away from a 'one size fits all approach' in order to better serve our ageing population, according to research by Newcastle University.

Sep 01, 2008
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UK's organic cows are cream of the crop

A new study by Newcastle University proves that organic farmers who let their cows graze as nature intended are producing better quality milk. The Nafferton Ecological Farming Group study found that grazing cows on organic ...

May 27, 2008
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