MTT Agrifood Research Finland

MTT Agrifood Research Finland (MTT) is the leading Finnish research institute in agriculture and the food sector. MTT produces scientific research in the agri-food sector and disseminates relevant research derived from other sources including international research. MTT advocates and encourages increased transfer of knowledge in the technology of food sciences field. MTT publishes their research projects on-line in several publications. Several journals are published in English; Agriculture and Food Science and various newsletter updates on discoveries.

Humppilantie 9 A, 31600 Jokioinen, FINLAND
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New computing applications expedite animal breeding

A doctoral thesis studied new statistical methods for animal breeding, based on which extensive livestock data samples can be analysed, and complex models used, more efficiently. Computing times lasting months can be reduced ...

Dec 02, 2014
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Research on pigs may lead to answers for human male infertility

In the late 1990s the Finnish Yorkshire pig population was threatened by a genetic defect which spread at an alarming rate and led to infertility. The defective KPL2 gene in porcine chromosome 16 caused pig spermatozoa to ...

Feb 09, 2009
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