Lomonosov Science Project

Lomonosov Science Project was founded by 'Science' department of Russian internet newspaper “Gazeta.Ru” and “The Festival of Sciences”. The project will promote the latest informational materials about the actual scientific studies carried out by Russian scientists. Lomonosov Science Project is the first Russian project of its kind aimed at promoting and popularizing science.

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The anti-inflammatory factory

Russian scientists, in collaboration with their colleagues from Pittsburgh University, have discovered how lipid mediators are produced. The relevant paper was published in Nature Chemistry. Lipid mediators are molecules that p ...

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Nine and 60 ways of particle tracking

A contest for the best technique of intracellular particle tracking (simultaneous tracking of the motions of hundreds and thousands of intracellular organelles, virions and even individual molecules), that is an important ...

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Breakthrough unravels photoelectric effect

An international team including theorists from the Department of Electromagnetic Processes and Atomic Nuclei Interactions of the MSU Institute of Nuclear Physics managed, for the first time in the history of photoelectric ...

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