Durham University

Luminescence shines new light on proteins

A chance discovery by a team of scientists using optical probes means that changes in cells in the human body could now be seen in a completely different light.

Nov 11, 2008
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Cosmic eye sheds light on early galaxy formation

A Cosmic Eye has given scientists a unique insight into galaxy formation in the very early Universe. Using gravity from a foreground galaxy as a zoom lens the team was able to see a young star-forming galaxy ...

Oct 08, 2008
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New stem cell tools to aid drug development

SCIENTISTS have designed, developed and tested new molecular tools for stem cell research to direct the formation of certain tissue types for use in drug development programmes.

Sep 03, 2008
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Arctic Map plots new 'gold rush'

Researchers at Durham University have drawn up the first ever 'Arctic Map' to show the disputed territories that states might lay claim to in the future.

Aug 06, 2008
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European birds flock to warming Britain

Researchers at Durham, the RSPB and Cambridge University have found that birds such as the Cirl Bunting and Dartford Warbler are becoming more common across a wide range of habitats in Britain as temperatures rise.

Jul 30, 2008
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