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'Man-made' Water Has Different Chemistry

As population growth, food production and the regional effects of climate change place greater stress on the Earth’s natural water supply, “man-made” water – created by removing salt from seawater and brackish groundwater ...

dateJun 09, 2008 in
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Duke chemist has new way to tell right from left

A Duke University chemist has apparently solved a long-standing frustration in creating certain synthetic molecules that make up drugs, which could lead to better drugs with fewer side effects.

dateJun 05, 2008 in
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New contaminants found in oil and gas wastewater

Duke University scientists have discovered high levels of two potentially hazardous contaminants, ammonium and iodide, in wastewater being discharged or spilled into streams and rivers from oil and gas operations in Pennsylvania ...

dateJan 14, 2015 in Environment
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Second Rare Aye-Aye Born at Duke Lemur Center

(PhysOrg.com) -- Ardrey and Merlin, rare, nocturnal aye-ayes from Madagascar, are pleased to announce the birth of their second child, a male, early on July 23 at the Duke Lemur Center.

dateAug 26, 2008 in
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