An open source toolbox for pure mathematics

The field of pure mathematics has always depended on computers to make tables, prove theorems and explore new theories. Today, computer aided experiments and the use of databases relying on computer calculations are part ...

dateMay 24, 2016 in Computer Sciences
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Destroyed Mosul artefacts to be rebuilt in 3D

It didn't take long for the scientific community to react. Two weeks after the sacking of the 300 year-old Mosul Museum by a group of ISIS extremists went viral on Youtube, researchers from the ITN-DCH, IAPP and 4D-CH-WORLD ...

dateMar 27, 2015 in
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Mitigating forest mismanagement with 3D mapping

35 percent of Europe is covered by mountains, many of which are blanketed by dense forests. For the many Europeans who live in these mountainous areas, the forest and the land are often the main sources of income, thus representing ...

dateJun 09, 2016 in Environment
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