Innovations in International Calling: MAXroam SIM Cuts Costs

Oct 03, 2007 by Mary Anne Simpson weblog
Cubic Telecom MAXroam SIM
Cubic Telecom MAXroam SIM

Cubic Telecom MAXroam Sim popular in Europe is on its way to North America. The MAXroam SIM card is inserted into an unlocked mobile phone with GSM network capability. MAXroam provides easy instructions on installation and will show consumers how to unlock their mobile phone. The initial cost is around $42.60.

Cubic Telecom in Ireland has developed a unique method of changing your mobile phone into an international “no roaming” calling device. The MAXroam by Cubic Telecom has enjoyed increased popularity in Europe. It is now coming to North America in early October. All you need is an unlocked mobile phone capable of installing a Sim and that uses a GSM network.

How It Works:

As anyone who makes international calls knows roaming charges for international calls can be mighty expensive. A yes or no response can cost $4 to $5 from the United States and vice versa. The smart and frugal folks at Cubic Telecom have a MAXroam Sim card that can be purchased and installed in your unlocked mobile phone that could save thousands of dollars per year for entrepreneurs and small international companies.

The way it works is to first find out if your mobile is locked. Most pay as you go and contracts with popular carriers do put a lock on the mobile phones they sell. If it is not willingly unlocked by the carrier, the consumer may contact MAXroam and a customer service representative will tell the consumer how to unlock the mobile device.

In addition, the mobile phone must have the ability to run on a GSM network. Newer mobile phone manufactured within the past five years with three band or four band GSM capable will have the easiest time getting MAXroam Sim installed.

For anyone unfamiliar with the term SIM, it means a subscriber identity module. It is a removable smart card for mobile phone that use GSM, ( global system for mobile communications).

Cubic Telecom MAXroam SIM card will replace your current SIM card with almost limitless access to the international community. The process of inserting and replacing SIM cards is easy and the instructions are simple and straight-forward.

The advantage of the MAXroam SIM card is the consumer may pick out their own local number. Your local number may be in the United States, United Kingdom, France or Ireland. Calls coming in and going out locally will be no cost. The MAXroam SIM card allows the consumer to add other countries as part of their local calls. When traveling in Europe or anywhere you may use your own mobile phone and simply switch into the MAXroam SIM card.

The costs and rate sheet are set forth on the MAXroam web site. Setting up an account with credits may be done with a credit card, bank transfer. The cost of the MAXroam SIM card $42.60 and the purchaser receives a $7 credit for calls. There is a $1.42 charge each month to maintain the account. The other great feature is the ability to track your account on-line.

The company is based in Cork, Ireland. The company states their prices cannot be beat by other similar services. According to the guarantees, once installed the MAXroam SIM card will enable anyone to connect anywhere at a greatly reduced price.

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