US zoo names penguin chick 'Bowie'

January 12, 2016
This photo provided January 12, 2016 by the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio shows a baby penguin born January 8
This photo provided January 12, 2016 by the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio shows a baby penguin born January 8

A pygmy blue penguin born at a US zoo has been named "Bowie" in honor of British rock star David Bowie who died late Sunday.

The Cincinnati Zoo posted a picture on Instagram of the squawking ball of brown fuzz with the caption "Meet Bowie."

The blue penguin was born on Bowie's 69th birthday, January 8, and given his name in a tribute to the music legend.

With the singer's subsequent death of cancer, shocking fans around the world, the zoo said "the penguin chick's name has since taken on added meaning."

"Keepers even played David Bowie music for the chick, (whose) won't be confirmed for several weeks," it said.

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