Science not only for men, says Obama

May 27, 2014

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday launched a push to get girls interested in science and technology, warning the country would miss out if it did not attract women to those fields.

"There's so much talent to be tapped if we're working together," Obama said at the annual White House Science Fair, where students from elementary to present winning projects.

"Right now, fewer than one in five bachelor's degrees in engineering or are earned by women. Fewer than three in 10 workers in science and engineering are women," the president said.

"That means we've got half the field—or half our team we're not even putting on the field. We've got to change those numbers."

He called science, technology, engineering and math the "fields of the future, where the good jobs are going to be," adding: "I want America to be home for those jobs."

Obama enthusiastically focused on each display for about an hour, hailing the students' ingenuity.

One 18-year-old girl researched the genetics behind a rare form of from which she suffers herself; a 12-year-old boy invented better sand bags used to shore up vulnerable homes in floods and hurricanes.

A group of elementary school girls used Lego bricks to show off their design for a so-called "flood-proof" bridge.

"We're blessed to live in a country filled with bright, eager young people who love science, love tinkering, love making things, who have the ability to see old problems and with fresh eyes," Obama said.

"And those of us who are grown-ups have an obligation to help them reach their full potential, just as others helped us."

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1 / 5 (1) May 27, 2014
Fewer than 1 in 5 workers are women in mining, construction and forestry sectors too but you never hear the feminists pushing for change there.

Why not? Those jobs not glamorous or cushy enough for women? Or do the feminists wish to keep men in the dirty, hard and sweaty jobs?

It certainly seems that way.
Can you say discrimination????


Clearly the solution is to force men out of science and engineering to become loggers or miners while at the same time, forcing women to go to school to pursue a degree in something that doesn't interest them for the sake of having heart warming 50/50 ratio in certain, select fields while others are completely off balance.

Mind numbing stupidity.

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