French Jewish students take legal action against Twitter

March 21, 2013
Jonathan Hayoun, president of the Union of Jewish Students in France, arrives at the Interior ministry on June 5, 2012 in Paris. A Jewish student group has announced it was taking further legal action against Twitter over the global networking site's failure to respond to a French court order to hand over data to help identify the authors of anti-Semitic tweets.

A Jewish student group has announced it was taking further legal action against Twitter over the global networking site's failure to respond to a French court order to hand over data to help identify the authors of anti-Semitic tweets.

" is playing the indifference card in not respecting the decision of January 24," when a Paris civil court gave the company two weeks to hand over the requested information, said Jonathan Hayoun, president of France's Union of Jewish Students (UEJF), on Wednesday.

"In protecting the anonymity of the author of these it is making itself an accomplice and offering a highway for racists and anti-Semites," he added.

The French Jewish students group said it was taking against Twitter and its CEO Dick Costolo.

The association is claiming 38.5 million euros ($50 million) in damages which they would hand over to the Shoah Memorial fund, according to the text of the summons for Twitter to appear before the 's criminal division.

UEJF lawyer Stephane Lilti said the group had filed the summons on Wednesday.

Questioned by AFP, Twitter said it was in discussions with the Jewish student group but that "unfortunately they are more interested in these grand gestures than in finding an adequate international procedure to obtain the requested information."

"We will appeal tomorrow (Thursday)" to the French court, Twitter said in reference to the January 24 decision.

It added that the French court had only notified it of the earlier ruling "a few days ago."

On Sunday French President Hollande called for the names of the authors of the anti-Semitic tweets to be released, in line with the court's decision.

The union had been pressing Twitter to exercise tighter control of what appeared on its Internet site following a deluge of anti-Semitic messages posted under the hashtag #unbonjuif (#agoodjew).

Twitter later removed some of the offending tweets.

Last October, Twitter suspended the account of a neo-Nazi group in Germany following a request from the government in Berlin.

That was the first time that the US firm had applied a policy known as "country-withheld content", which allows it to block an account at the request of state authorities.

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2.8 / 5 (11) Mar 21, 2013
Yet more evidence zionists don't respect freedom of speech, unless it's praising zionists. If the facts are anti-semitic or put the Rothschilds/Bank of England in a bad light, they want the facts quashed
3.3 / 5 (6) Mar 21, 2013
Instead of occupying the moral high ground he is making the anti-semites into the real victims. This move doesnt make sense from ethical or PR perspective..
1.8 / 5 (6) Mar 21, 2013
@kochevnik If you could put aside your hate filled ignorance for a minute or so, you'd notice that the student group is looking to 'out' the author(s) of the tweets, not ban them. If the authors are so sure of their position, they'd be happy to come out from behind a hashtag.
3 / 5 (2) Mar 21, 2013
@bertibus Right, like they are going to say just hello? I think that this will create a really bad precedence when succeeded. What about Chinese court asking for details about people critical about Chinas politics? I think that this is illegal in China too.

2.3 / 5 (6) Mar 21, 2013
@bertibus If you could put aside your hate filled ignorance for a minute or so, you'd notice that Russia has suffered out of your bolshevik revolution and NKVD secret police which was 95% zionist. Now we have problems with your USA puppet state instigating insurrection in Syria on behalf of right wing labor zionist fanatics. Russia will not tolerate being exposed directly to your NATO blockade. It will not end well. Jews are not a special group. The Tazmanians were actually wiped out of existance by Australia. But they don't have an opportunity to control the press because they are all dead

Why don't you find a more productive way of connecting with your Jewish roots than looking for anti-semites under every rock? It doesn't make you more Jewish. It just makes you a whiny jerk. The anti-defamation league was formed to look for anti-semites in the USA and cannot find even ONE anti-semite. Get a new hobby

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