New FJVPS capable of producing 3-D assembly procedure videos in fewer than 3 hours

Nov 05, 2012
"FJVPS V15L13" New and expanded features.

Fujitsu and Digital Process Limited today announced the availability of FJVPS V15L13, a new Virtual Product Simulator from Fujitsu (FJVPS) digital production preparation tool for customers in the assembly manufacturing industry that assists in considering product assembly processes using 3D models.

FJVPS V15L13 features a newly developed batch creation function for assembly procedures () that enables one-step assembly flow generation based on the shape and attributes of a 3D model. In addition, the software's assembly procedure editor makes review easy with an eye toward workload efficiency while incorporating changes into new procedures. The software's existing batch assembly video generation function has been updated with enhanced editing capabilities that enable the intent of the engineer to be more accurately conveyed and reflected in the videos.

As a result, the software is able to reduce by up to 90% the amount of work involved in the process of considering assembly procedures and documenting them in video. For instance, in the case of a product such as a mid-range printer or ATM consisting of roughly 1,000 components, the software can speed up the production of an assembly procedure manual from 40 hours needed prior to FJVPS deployment, to less than three hours.

Since its debut in 2000, FJVPS has been widely acclaimed as a tool for prototype-free manufacturing using . At the same time, to improve quality, cost and delivery (QCD), customers have recently expressed a desire to be able to use the software for considering assembly procedures for and to produce video documentation of assembly procedures.

Product assembly sequence considering connecting flows with models.

To meet these needs, Fujitsu and Digital Process are releasing FJVPS V15L13, which provides the ability to consider virtual assembly procedures and make it easy to generate video documentation. In addition to a significant improvement in functionality, the cost of the software has also been revised from its previous pricing of 6.5 million yen to 4 million yen.

In January 2013, the companies plan to offer a specialized assembly procedure video production package at a price point of under 1 million yen, and from there intend to offer optional add-ons that can use data of a product's assembly flow and assembly videos for generating operational procedure manuals and other documentation.

Streamlined product assembly procedure considering

The software includes a new feature that is able to create assembly flows in a single step. From the completed 3D model of a finished product, FJVPS V15L13 is able to determine the assembly procedure for components based on their positioning, shape, attributes (information on part type such as fastener or other component), or unit configuration. This, in turn, enables users to develop practical assembly flows that take into account the product's attributes and construction.

The new software also features enhanced assembly procedure editing capabilities. Previous versions required users to manually drag and drop each piece of component data into the flow while performing meticulous editing on the assembly procedures. The new editing functionality allows users to apply a revised assembly flow simply by sequentially selecting in 3D each part to be disassembled. In this way, the user can review the flow to ensure there is adequate space for tools and operators' hands to move, as well as for ease of performance and efficiency. Changes can also easily be made to improve the flow.

Enhanced editing of 3D assembly videos

In addition to aggregating on one screen the production and editing commands for the 3D assembly video documentation that has been automatically generated using the software's batch assembly video generation feature, the new software comes with enhanced functionality for editing. Substantially enhancing expressiveness also makes it possible to precisely convey the intent of a product's engineers through advice on assembly procedures, including advice on how to operate tools.

Moreover, assembly videos can be employed for a wider range of purposes, such as to provide feedback for development through easy-to-understand reports that incorporate the results of interference checks performed when playing the assembly videos.

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