Ex-PSU professor gets 41 months in research fraud

Nov 30, 2012

(AP)—A former Penn State University professor has been sentenced to 41 months in federal prison for more than $3 million in federal research grant fraud.

said 55-year-old Craig Grimes of Raleigh, N.C., defrauded the National Institutes of Health between 2006 and 2011 while a Penn State professor of material sciences and engineering.

Authorities say his State College company got a $1.2 million grant, but funds weren't sent to Hershey Medical Center as promised and clinical studies and trials weren't done. Authorities say Grimes also made false statements to get a $1.9 million grant.

Grimes told the judge who sentenced him Friday that he was zealous in wanting to help the world.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph Terz said Grimes "is not a mad scientist. He's a dishonest scientist."

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2.3 / 5 (6) Dec 01, 2012
Yes, he's just madly dishonest....!
3 / 5 (6) Dec 01, 2012
But I thought entire fields were engaged in dishonest research and it was all a conspiracy...?!

Please explain how this fits into your worldview AGW deniers and lesser morons.
1 / 5 (3) Dec 01, 2012
Please explain how kevin's comment translates into AGW deniers or lesser morons...whatever "lesser morons" means. There is nothing in the article that even remotely mentions AGW, or the denial thereof.
You seem to have popped into the wrong thread if you're looking for conspiracies, denials or morons.
However, a scientist engaging in dishonesty where funding that is supposedly meant for, and being used for research and is not, may be said to be engaging in a conspiracy to defraud the source(s) of that funding. IF entire fields were engaged in requesting funding for research and that money was not going toward the intended research, then it would still certainly be a conspiracy to defraud.
Whether it's one person or many, it's STILL fraud and dishonesty, and money that should have funded genuine research is wasted on either junk science or personal monetary enrichment.

There are many kinds of conspiracies and Blotto likes conspiracies, isn't that right, Blotto?
2 / 5 (4) Dec 01, 2012
More fraud from Penn State, home of Michael Mann's research institute.
1 / 5 (4) Dec 01, 2012
Speaking of conspiracies - here's another one from Penn State.
"This was a conspiracy by top officials at Penn State."


Michael Mann is a part of the cabal? Is it something in the water? In the air at PSU?
not rated yet Dec 01, 2012
Apparently not spending ALL THE MONEY is a crime. In business it considered YOUR JOB
1 / 5 (3) Dec 01, 2012
koch...money that has been allocated for a particular research and its necessities such as glass beakers, test tubes, et al, plus living expenses and/or salaries for the researcher(s) (and other normal and unavoidable expenses) is required to be spent on those things and nothing more. This means that no part of it should be spent on political donations or anything other than what it was originally intended for. That includes not buying a yacht unless the yacht is bought for the exclusive purpose of research and all it entails. Decency requires that leftover money should be returned to the funding source so that it can go to another equally worthwhile project.

I am unsure of what you mean by "in business it considered your job". Please explain.
1 / 5 (1) Dec 03, 2012
He doesn't only US professor should be sentenced- https://connect.i...sr/blogs

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