Vest lets Facebook users hug from afar

Oct 05, 2012
A vest developed in Massachusetts Institute of Technology lets Facebook users hug one another no matter how far apart they are. The vest inflates to embrace wearers whenever Facebook friends "Like" items they post at the social network.

A vest developed in Massachusetts Institute of Technology lets Facebook users hug one another no matter how far apart they are.

A Like-A-Hug on display Friday at the website of designer Melissa Kit Chow was touted as "wearable social media" that inflates to embrace wearers whenever "Like" items they post at the social network.

Chow worked with Andy Payne and Phil Seaton in the MIT Media Lab to create the puffy black vests, according to her website.

Like-A-Hug lets hugs "be given via Facebook, bringing us closer together despite physical distance," Chow said in a post describing the vest.

And, provided the sender is also wearing Like-A-Hug, a recipient can return a hug by squeezing their own vest to deflate it.

Chow described herself as a graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design who subtly skews everyday interactions with the environment for "a reawakening of a sensorial spacial experience."

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2 / 5 (28) Oct 05, 2012
This vest, taken to its logical extreme might force Facebook to add a "Lick" button.

"a reawakening of a sensorial spacial experience." INDEED!
2.6 / 5 (27) Oct 05, 2012
This vest, taken to its logical extreme might force Facebook to add a "Lick" button.

"a reawakening of a sensorial spacial experience." INDEED!
Indeed. Same smutty crudité from the decrepit bloodline that tends to send PMs like
So what is the REAL reason why you keep coming after me? Is it that you would like to make love to me. If I gave you my picture, you would probably cum all over yourself.
You're so transparent. Pirouette/Ritchieguy/russkiye/pussytard/Obie/esai and all their live-in friends.
2 / 5 (28) Oct 05, 2012
Otto, take your meds. You can't tell one person from another.
4 / 5 (4) Oct 05, 2012
How do you know you aren't hugging a murderer or child molester?

Phantom hugs will be a problem.. Mark my words....

Having said this, it is clearly another step to the final goal of fully functional tela-dildonics.
1 / 5 (8) Oct 06, 2012
Hmm. They don't have enough of this stuff, with automatic notifications sent to people's iPhones. Now they're coming out with the ridiculous idea of using a vest to experience "virtual hugs" whenever someone clicks "like" on a post? IMHO, Chow should be spending her time inventing and focusing on something that actually matters.

Virtual hugs? Whatever happened to the real thing? And I agree with VD - what if you're hugging a stalker or a murderer? Also, pretty soon it will be impossible to avoid people you choose not to associate with, as anyone could "hug" you at any time. I can see it now, people (who are obsessed with Facebook) will be wearing these things wherever they go.
4 / 5 (2) Oct 06, 2012
Harmless. Probably a fad. But who knows - it might lead to development/popularization of a whole new range of tactile I/O devices.
Perhaps in turn leading to development of new ways of controlling your computing equipment and the environment it manages for you.

I wouldn't disparage creative efforts like this or judge whether the effort was worthwhile. Let the market make that determination.