Phone app allows US users to film police activity

Jul 07, 2012
A US civil rights advocacy group has launched a free mobile phone application that allows users to record police activity discreetly, saying it will help boost police force accountability.

A US civil rights advocacy group has launched a free mobile phone application that allows users to record police activity discreetly, saying it will help boost police force accountability.

The New Jersey branch of the (ACLU) explains that "Police Tape," available to the public since Tuesday, "allows people to securely and discreetly record and store interactions with police."

The Android , available for download on the website of the ACLU of New Jersey, is "an essential tool for police accountability," said the office's executive director Deborah Jacobs.

"Too often, incidents of serious misconduct go unreported because citizens don't feel that they will be believed."

Unlike traditional smartphone recording apps, "Police Tape" disappears from the screen once it is launched, minimizing the possibility that police will notice the recorder.

The application allows users to send the file to the ACLU for safe-keeping and analysis.

"Police Tape" also contains legal advice on the rights of citizens confronted by police.

The ACLU of New Jersey website cites several court rulings that recognized citizens' rights to film police activity.

A similar application for will be available later this summer, the site says.

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Jul 07, 2012
This comment has been removed by a moderator.
5 / 5 (2) Jul 07, 2012
Wonderful! We've had a lot of police brutality towards citizens, including killing of unarmed citizens even here in Vermont. Yet nothing is done to the perps, the police. The government investigates itself and absolves itself of responsibility while they hide the evidence.
not rated yet Jul 08, 2012
Damn, wished this app would come out on the iPhone last week when they did a felony stop on me... lol
1 / 5 (1) Jul 08, 2012
1 / 5 (1) Jul 08, 2012
Ah.. the land of the free.


You know. Here in the socialist state in which I live, I not only regularly leave my home unlocked, but I have never felt any fear of any police officer.

I walk the streets at all times of day or night. Fearless.

It is laughable that "free" Americans, living in the prisons of their own gated communities, with bars on their windows and doors, watched by police drones, telephone and Email conversations parsed by the NSA and whos's groins are groped by TSA agents, do not have such Liberties.


Freedom fries... Ahahahahahahahahah......

1 / 5 (1) Jul 08, 2012
On the one hand, I fear that some of these videos will only capture the police response and not the assault on the officer that prompted the response. The resulting video will not encourage people to sympathize with the police, and will thus strengthen the us-against-the-masses mindset in many officers' minds.

But on the other, it's extremely alarming that many jurisdictions outlaw capturing the police on video. That's a gestapo-esque law that doesn't belong in American. Good cops can also be vindicated by video and shouldn't fight them. But there's no doubt that some officers think they're free to beat anyone they want.

I think the ACLU is doing a good thing in this case, which isn't something I often say.
1 / 5 (1) Jul 09, 2012
Indiana has become the first state to legally allow residents to shoot at police if they feel their property is being illegally breached by an officer. - (RYGGTARD's favorite news source)
1 / 5 (2) Jul 09, 2012
You are allowed to film police when they are on public property. However you cannot interfer with their activity. Also if you are being arrested you cannot film them.

Neither I or my family fear the police, or for that matter criminals. I'm not afraid of the police because I don't do anything criminal and I respect the police. I'm not afraid of criminals because I am more than able and willing to defend myself.

Funny thing is, statistics show if you respect the police and don't engage in criminal activities, there is very little to fear from police. Also people who are ready and willing to defend themselves have a far lower chance of needing to defend themselves from criminals.

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