Windows 8 preview set for February 29

Feb 08, 2012
Windows 8 screenshot

Microsoft on Wednesday revealed plans to unveil a test version of its latest Windows computer operating software later this month.

The US technology titan sent out invitations to a "Windows Consumer Preview" event to be held on February 29 at a hotel in Barcelona during a Mobile World Congress gathering in that city.

Microsoft promised to release more information closer to the end of the month.

The introduction of a test, or beta, version of Windows 8 to the public is expected to be accompanied by the opening of an "app store" stocked with mini-programs tailored for the next-generation operating system.

In December, Microsoft began wooing developers for a February opening of its first Windows Store intended to feature third-party applications crafted for computers powered by the Redmond, Washington-based firm's software.

It will take on Apple and in the booming market of fun, hip or functional programs built for smartphones, tablets and computers.

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2.7 / 5 (7) Feb 08, 2012 this point I'm not sure what they can improve on. I love windows 7, I haven't had a single problem with it since I first got it. My daily use PC that sees heavy gaming (skyrim lately) and multimedia use has gone upwards of 6 months between restarts, and usually then it's only because an installation/un-installation required me to. I can't remember seeing a single error message from the operating system in all the years I've used it.

At this point I think they are just milking the cow, slap on a shiny new veneer and call it a new product.
1.7 / 5 (6) Feb 08, 2012
Well they can improve on memory usage which for gamers is great. Especially when every MB of memory counts (for losers like me with only 2GB of RAM).
The 2 articles below explain how they accomplish it

I do agree that Windows 7 is great and very stable though. I may drop Windows 8 onto my older machine and see how it runs before I make a total change.
1 / 5 (1) Feb 08, 2012
Pffft ... only thing Vista and newer have over XP x64 is speedier boot up. When XP no longer supports the hardware and interfaces I want then I'll think of switching full time ... to Ubuntu.
1.8 / 5 (5) Feb 08, 2012
Win8 improves over Win& by introducing the 'metro' interface and being built with touchscreens in mind. Your smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet and xBox will all be running the same OS, making interaction simpler.
not rated yet Feb 08, 2012
My all time fav was XP Home,loved it,never had any problems.I am happy with Win 7 so far as well.
1.8 / 5 (5) Feb 08, 2012 this point I'm not sure what they can improve on.

From a developer's standpoint they are finally, truly fixing something that's needed fixing for a long time. Over the years, as new development frameworks have come and gone, the divide between what's going on "on the surface" and what's going on "under the hood" got wider and wider. With Windows 8 they are uniting the clans, so to speak, meaning that at the deepest level all frameworks are unified under one, modernized Windows API.

This means no more clunky hacks that "break the walls" to bridge the functionality of one to the other. All roads will lead to the full API of Windows. It's a good thing.
5 / 5 (1) Feb 09, 2012
This means no more clunky hacks that "break the walls" to bridge the functionality of one to the other. All roads will lead to the full API of Windows. It's a good thing.

I've heard a rant like this before. You sound like the Morning Star. You do! You sound like Lucifer man!
1 / 5 (1) Feb 09, 2012
Who needs Windows 8? In fact, all the current versions of Windows 7 are already on your hard drive. You just need a registration key to unlock them, like upgrading to Ultimate from Home Premium editions. Oh, wait, maybe MS decided that wasn't such a good idea. I swear, the only reason Windows keeps getting upgraded is to fix things that were fixed back when they were already working in the first place. I don't fall for any of it. I stil like Wndows 7 that came with this notebook, though. I like what happens when you hold the Windows logo key down and tap the Tab button. Same old same old with a new twist (for all I know it's always been around).
not rated yet Feb 10, 2012
@ PosterusNeticus I'm curious .Have you got nothing better to do ; ? asrsehole defined

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